about us

Lagniappe Paper is a collaboration of artist Stacey Brod and stationer Megan Davis. The friends have long admired each others work but never expected to work together, making this collective a happy accident . . . . a lagniappe.

Stacey and Megan are currently designing invitations, art, and cards available exclusively on To shop the designs, visit the Lagniappe Paper storefront here.

The pair both live in Houston, Texas. Stacey and her husband, Andrew, have 2 kiddos, John and Mary. Megan and her husband, Greg, have one little one, Kate.

Wondering how to pronounce "Lagniappe"? Don't worry - you aren't the only one. It's a saying primarily from New Orleans and southeast Texas, and you say it "lan-yap".



collection for minted



shop the designs

Lagniappe Paper's first collection is available for sale exclusively on You can visit our storefront to see current offerings. Holiday cards, greeting cards and pre-wedding party invitations will be added soon! 

Be sure to check back often and follow us on Instagram for new designs.


other works

Stacey and Megan each have independent lines available on Minted as well. You can explore and shop Stacey's art prints and painting here and Megan's stationery line here.

Our collaboration happened really naturally. We love each other’s work, which is really important. We want our designs to be tailored, thoughtful and fun!




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